Which Tone-Lock™ (locking) Bridge is right for my guitar?

The Tone-Lock™ Bridge is “universal,” because we provide a pair of the two most common sizes of locking collars with each bridge. As long as your guitar has either ABR-1 bridge posts (6-32 thread, as used on Gibson® Historics, early Classics, and most Gibson® guitars before the introduction of the Nashville bridge system) or 4mm bridge posts (many imports, and the Faber® BSWKIT/iNsert/NSWKIT or E-Sert™), the Tone-Lock™ Bridge will work for you. Guitars with the Nashville bridge system will need either the BSWKIT, NSWKIT or iNsert to use the Tone-Lock™ Bridge. Bacchus guitars have non standard thread pitch on their 4mm bridge posts, so they cannot use the Tone-Lock™ bridge. Most Epiphone, and many other non USA made guitars using the same bridge system, can use the Faber® E-Sert™ to enable the installation of the Tone-Lock™ bridge.