What are the tone differences between natural brass, nickel plated brass, and titanium saddles?

We have found virtually no difference in tone between the natural brass and the nickel plated brass saddles. Titanium, however, produces a much brighter tone than brass. For guitars that are too dark sounding, titanium saddles are the way to go. Obviously, if your guitar sounds bright with brass saddles, we would not recommend a switch to titanium. On the other hand, we have found that virtually all guitars will find benefit using titatnium for the wound strings. Of course, those strings will sound brighter than normal with titanium, but the difference in clarity using titanium saddles is remarkable. Any “muddiness” is gone and clear, articulate tones are easily noticeable. That is the reason Faber® invented the HYBRIDge™. If you already have a Faber® bridge with brass saddles, titanium saddles (with or without starter notches) are available for you to retrofit to your bridge.