How do I know which Faber® parts to choose?

First, be sure to look under the “Shop By Guitar” tab within the “Products” tab on the menu bar. Select the type of guitar you have and that will take you to a menu of the parts that are for your guitar. Because we make parts in both Imperial (designated as “INCH” in our descriptions) and Metric sizes, parts selection can cause some confusion. In general, ALL Gibson® guitars made in the USA use INCH tailpiece studs, which means any Gibson® guitar with “Gibson” on the headstock. “Orville by Gibson,” on the other hand, are imported and use METRIC tailpiece studs. Epiphone, another Gibson® “import” also uses METRIC tailpiece studs. Other guitars made in the USA which use a standard style “Stop” tailpiece need to be examined further, as the builder may use either INCH or METRIC stud inserts. Consult with the guitar maker for information on your guitar’s hardware. There are some other exceptions, or “anomalies,” so please look further into the FAQ for information on specific Faber® parts.