How do I install the Tone-Lock™ studs and spacers?

Tone-Lock™ is a simple “drop in” replacement for your guitar. Simply remove all the strings, remove the old tailpiece and studs, place the included spacers over the tailpiece inserts, screw in each Tone-Lock™ stud approximately until the threads are no longer visible above the spacers, place your tailpiece between the top of the spacer and the bottom of the stud head, and tighten. That’s it! Be careful when tightening the studs, particularly if you are not using a very large screwdriver, as it is possible to damage the tops of the studs and cause some of the plating to flake off, if you get too aggressive when tightening. If you don’t have a large screwdriver, a U.S. quarter dollar coin actually makes for a better installation tool. Overtightening is not necessary!

You are not limited to using just one spacer for each tailpiece stud. Spacer selection is determined by two factors: personal preference and string angle. With the former, as long as the angle doesn’t cause the strings to contact the back of your bridge, choose the height you like best. With the latter, you should choose your spacers which will place the tailpiece high enough that the strings do not contact the back of the tailpiece. One consideration is the use of two spacers on each stud. Personally, I always use two: the medium size, which I install, flange side down, on the insert, and the small size, which i stack on top of the medium spacer, with the flange side contacting the bottom of the tailpiece. This combination produces a good tailpiece height AND gives better contact at both contact points – the body inserts and the tailpiece. Experiment and choose the best combination for your needs!