E-sert-GG Faber E-sert = Epiphone, etc. to '59 ABR converter studs, 12mm/4mm, BELL BRASS, Gold, gloss

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Following up on the success of the innovative Faber® iNsert, we are happy to announce the new Faber® E-sert, for most Epiphone and many other Japanese and Asian made guitars.
Now you can replace the tone robbing pot metal inserts in your guitar with the highest quality GERMAN BELL BRASS, for a real and noticeable tone enhancement.
This easy to install system, with 4mm threaded posts on the upper portion, will allow you to use the Faber® ABR-1 style ABRM, ABRN model bridge, or the revolutionary ABRL “Tone-Lock” bridge.
The E-sert includes one pair of BRASS studs, two BRASS thumbwheels, a metal installation tool and an 8mm bolt to easily remove the old inserts.

upper part 4mm thread
lower part 12mm diam.