Which ABR-1 style bridge is right for my guitar?

We have three different models of ABR-1 style bridges (not including the Tone-Lock™ bridge), to suit almost every need, as follows:

ABRH: The ABRH bridge is designed as a “drop on” replacement for ABR-1 sized bridge posts. The Gibson® Historic series, early Les Paul Classics, and virtually all Gibson® guitars with a separate bridge prior to the introduction of the Nashville bridge, have ABR-1 (6-32) bridge posts. The diameter of the ABRH post holes is 3.65mm, post hole spacing is 73.6mm and the saddle radius is 12″.

ABRM: The ABRM bridge is a drop on replacement for many imported guitars using 4mm bridge posts with standard spacing of 2-29/32″ (73.82mm). This bridge can also be used when building a guitar using the BSWKIT for the bridge studs, using 2-29/32″ post spacing. The diameter of the ABRM post holes is 4.2mm and the saddle radius is 12″. You could also use this bridge after installing the Faber® E-Sert™ bridge posts, in most cases.

ABRN: The ABRN bridge is a drop on replacement for original Nashville bridge posts/thumbwheels, in most cases (see below). If your guitar has the original Nashville inserts and posts, this is the bridge you need. It is also the correct bridge for use with the Faber® BSWKIT, NSWKIT or iNsert when these parts are used in an original Nashville bridge equipped guitar. Post hole diameter is 4.35mm, post spacing is 74.4mm and the saddle radius is 12″. Note about NEW (post 2012) Gibson® guitars: We have found that some newer Gibson guitars use a bridge that looks like a typical Nashville bridge, but the diameter of the thumbwheel posts is larger (5mm). The ABRN bridge will not fit on those bridge posts. The only solution for those guitars is to replace the original bridge posts, either by using the Faber® NSWKIT, BSWKIT or iNsert.