About us

The companies Faber Guitar Research Germany and Faber Guitars were founded in 2004 by Gottfried Schmid (Tokai Distribution Germany). While Faber Guitars deals with the distribution of traditional-style instruments, Faber Guitar Research develops innovative hardware for traditional instruments such as Les Paul style guitars.

Important and noteworthy here is that the entire hardware range of Faber not only developed in Germany, but also produced in Germany.
High Quality, State of the Art Hardware, Made in Germany! And the whole thing at affordable prices.

Also important is that the Faber products are offered in many finishes (Gloss or Aged) and suitable for almost all models (American Guitars, such as Gibson or Asian Guitars, such as Epiphone, Tokai, Greco, etc.).

Articles such as e.g. the innovative Tone-Lock Kit, Faber ABR-Bridges and Faber Aluminum Tailpieces are now sold worldwide, giving guitarists/luthiers across the globe that "more" in definition of tone, sustain and design compatibility, having always searched.