Explaining the INCH and METRIC designations

Many people get confused by the INCH and METRIC designations used on some Faber® products. We use these designations ONLY when referring to the type of TAILPIECE STUDS your guitar uses. It has nothing to do with the type of bridge system on your guitar. It is true that the Nashville bridge system used on USA made Gibson, Heritage and some other guitars are METRIC, because those parts are imported. This fact leads some to become confused, thinking they would need METRIC parts for their USA made guitars with METRIC Nashville bridge systems. Understanding that we use the METRIC and INCH designations only for determining the type of tailpiece studs on guitar, what type of bridge system you have is irrelevent. Here are some examples:

  • Faber® Tone-Lock studs are used for USA made guitars (INCH) or non USA made guitars (METRIC)
  • Faber® Tone-Lock™ Master Kits contain the Tone-Lock® bridge, which includes metric and inch lock nuts to secure the bridge to threaded bridge posts (either 6-32 for ABR-1 style bridge studs, such as used on the Gibson Historic series, or 4mm for many non USA made guitars using threaded bridge studs directly into the body). When considering a Master Kit, you choose either the INCH or METRIC model based solely on the type of tailpiece studs on your guitar: INCH, for all Gibson guitars using stop tailpieces and many other USA made guitars; METRIC, for virtually all non USA made guitars, such as Epiphone, Tokai, Ibazez, etc.