Tokai Springy Sound ST60 2T 1978 #L02 rep. neck

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- The only true Reissues -

Unique opportunity to come to a real dream guitar!
Tokai guitars are considered the absolute crown of Japanese guitar makers.
Perfect guitar making with attention to detail.
The sound is exceptionally punchy. Absolute killer sound. Even vintageTokais are considered as the ultimate of Japanese Tokai factory.
In terms of originality, appearance and sound, they far surpass the Fender originals from the same period.


Modell ST60 Springy Sound
Year 1978
Body: Alder
Pickup: Tokai U-stamped
Weight only 3,3kg
Frets: 85%
'60 C neck shape. Very easy and comfortable to play
Neck is straight
Truss rod works fine
Guitar has a repaired neck crack. Made by German Master Luthier
Tokai/Fender Logo changed by Japanese Pre-Owner

The guitar has a lot of dings and dongs, (see detail photos) but who can blame this on a nearly 40-year-old Tokai Lady.
She was probably played and rocked with passion!

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